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Full Planning Wedding Weekend & Management

With full planning wedding weekend and management you'll get the assistance you need throughout the entire process from beginning to end! The It's Your Day team will help you organize and manage the hundreds of details involved in planning an entire wedding weekend experience for you and your guests.

You'll receive an unlimited amount of planning time for all of the traditional wedding day elements. However, with a wedding weekend experience, the It's Your Day team will also provide the planning and coordination assistance you need to host your welcome party/gathering, rehearsal dinner and an organized excursion for your guests. We'll also assist with the curation and assembly of welcome gift bags. 

Contact us today to chat about your wedding and learn how a full planning wedding weekend experience could be the perfect fit for you!

"I must say Staci Franklin did an amazing job planning and coordinating my wedding.  She is professional and prompt.  Not one time did I have to stress.  We had the best time.  Please go and book her any event not just weddings.

"Jeniffer Young

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