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Wedding "To Do" Ideas While Quarantined

If you’re anything like me, I’ve started creating “To Do” lists of things that I should get accomplished while I’m stuck at home. So this got me to thinking about some of the items that couples can possibly get a head start on now if you’re searching for some wedding stuff to do.

1. Create your family photo shot list to give to the photographer

2 . Compile your wedding guest list

3. Create the seating chart for your guest tables

4. Develop your song playlist for the major moments

Wedding Ceremony

· Entrance of grandparents/parents

· Entrance of minister, best man and groom

· Entrance of bridal party

· Entrance of bride

· Unity ceremony (e.g. candle lighting, sand, etc.)

· Recession of bridal party

Wedding Reception

· Entrance of groomsmen

· Entrance of bridesmaids

· Entrance of bride and groom

· First dance

· Father/bride dance

· Mother/groom dance

· Bouquet toss

· Garter retrieval/garter toss

· Cake cutting

5. Develop your playlist of songs that you definitely want the DJ/band to play during the reception

6. Determine the signature drinks you’d like to offer guests during the cocktail hour

7. Begin drafting the outline for your wedding ceremony

8. Book the remaining wedding vendors that are needed (e.g. makeup artist, hair stylist, etc.)

9. Write your wedding vows (if applicable)

10. Determine who will do the toasts at the wedding reception

If you can knock out at least half of these items while at home during the quarantine, you'll be in great shape and less stressed as you move closer to your wedding day.


Staci C. Franklin is the owner and lead event planner for It's Your Day! Weddings and Special Events and author of The Organized Bride: 15 Step Guide for Planning A Stress Free Wedding Day. She is based in Memphis, Tennessee but travels throughout the Mid-South region to provide event planning services.

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